Feather Banners

6.5ft Feather Flags
6.5ft UV Feather Banners

 6.5ft feather flags, the smallest feather flags are streamlined and attention drawing, best for indoor promotion and outdoor wall display.

$46.00 - $530.99
8ft feather banner
8ft UV Feather Banners

The 8ft feather flags, the simple feather flags are aimed at attracting attention, best for indoor and outdoor trade shows, and storefront advertising.

$49.00 - $555.99
10ft Feather Banner
10ft UV Feather Banners

This is a medium size feather flag, available for either single or double sided printing. It's best for every day store front advertising or exhibitions. 

$50.00 - $605.99
13.5ft Feather Banner
13.5ft UV Feather Banners

13.5ft Feather banners is the best choice to promote your business near by  freeways. It's great for outdoor activities, church events.

$79.00 - $665.99
17ft Feather Banner
17ft UV Feather Banners

17ft Feather Flags are large banners that can grab a lot of attention with limited investment. It includes banner, poles, spike and trave bag.

$104.00 - $745.99
Plastic Water Base, Economy
Plastic Water Base - Economy

A premium quality, heavier plastic base filled with water for windy areas. Foldable legs. Indoor or outdoor use. 

Plastic Water Base, Premium
Plastic Water Base - Premium

A premium quality, heavier plastic base filled with water for windy areas. Foldable legs. Indoor or outdoor use. 

Outdoor Spike Base
Outdoor Spike Base
Spike Base - Non Rotating
Spike Base - Basic

Nonrotating design, good for small size feather, bowhead and teardrop banners.

Spike Base-Heavy Duty Large
Spike Base - Heavy Duty Large

Extra Large and  heavy duty. strong construction, designed for large flag banners and tough outdoor environments

Cross Base - Economy
Indoor/Outdoor Cross Base - Basic

Cross-base with nonrotating design, good for small sized teardrop, feather, bowhead and rectangle banners.

Indoor/Outdoor Cross Base
Indoor/Outdoor Premium Cross Base w/ Ground Nails

Heavy duty cross-base with ground nails. Can use for  both indoor and outdoor.

Wall Mount Base for Flags
Wall Mount Base for Flags

Wall mount base for outdoor flags, comes with universal screws that work on various wall surfaces. 

Sand bag
Banner Stand Sand Bag
Logo Rescue Service
Logo Rescue Service
Promotional ideas are everywhere. Sports and product enthusiasts are too. This would explain the wide popularity for Feather flags and the banner stands where these eye catching items are being sold. These tall wind blown, light weight flags will wave and flutter while telling the world who to take notice of. Promoting the company or event will be easy to do with these remarkable feather shaped flags flying high overhead and straight up toward the sky or ceiling. The stands to fly these banners stretch upwards making varied total heights reaching very high to several stories, offering a magnificent presence. The portability of this type of banner is unparalleled with the awe inspiring vertical image it presents to all spectators. 
There are four sizes of Feather flags, small, medium large and extra large. When standing next to one of the small flags these are almost twice the height of an average man. They will make a great statement without being too cumbersome. In an event where kids will be celebrating or parents are attending, these might really be appropriate for size. Sporting events for children can be enhanced using these small sized banners as they wave upward to display entrances, boundaries and booths. Names of companies, exits and entrances, rows or locations can be easily displayed with these vertical flags for organizational and promotional purposes.
The Medium banner makes a very eye catching presence and is wider to promote great visibility. This together stretches upward of the total heights of three average men. Drawing the attention and awe of visitors to a promotional event will be easy and fun. The stand and the banners themselves are easy to assemble and take down for future promotional events. They can be packed away easily to set up for the next event. Organizing these banners can be done with flow charts and Visio diagrams to plan a scheme of flags in patterns and placements. Choosing colors and sizes will be a breeze and with the easy storage and then quick assembly, setting up an event will not be a labor intensive issue. Just one or two able bodied adults can handle these items. Windy days could be a different scenario as an extra hand or two might be in order. For the most part these feather banners are light weight and worry free.
Designing Feather flags can be done for making an order, however, they should be created and saved on a jpeg or a PDF file to preserve the image quality. When sending in artwork, simply use the standard banner template to create the image and upload them with an order id number included. It is also possible to use the original email address used when the order was created to reference the art work files. Please use the page provided for a secure upload of the artwork and images. It is possible to send other types of files on this upload page, however, it has been found that the best quality files are created on jpeg or PDF files. 
When planning what types of feather banners to use for a promotional event, some consideration should be put into choosing between double sided or single sided banners. There is a difference in price due to the printing process. Printing both sides will be very attractive however, although some promotional managers will opt for single sided banners which are very nice although only show the logo or text on one side of the flag. It is possible to order any part of these promotional items from the banners to the stands individually or together. There are different types of stands that become available depending on the supplier, however, they do function perfectly for displaying the logo banners at their proper heights. The banner stands are designed to function with ease of assembly and storage. On windy days if the event is being held out of doors, it may be necessary to adjust set up plans in case of excessive winds. Checking for high winds at these events, in the weather forecast may be a reasonable precaution to take when planning display set up. The design is very durable in high winds, however, caution should be observed.